Featured Maker: Liam Hartle

Liam Hartle is magic. He’s a writer, designer, and knitting/crochet instructor. His experiences as a trans man in the maker community greatly influence and inform his work. He’s written about some of these experiences and the importance of visibility in the craft community for Ysolda.

Ysolda: Going Digital

While 2020 was difficult in many ways, it was very good at one thing: bringing people together to reflect on their industry, personal lives, and offer solutions to long-standing issues and challenges. In the last year, we saw a surprising number of new knitting businesses

Featured Maker: Vivian Shao Chen

There’s a certain dreamy, glowing feeling to Vivian Shao Chen’s digital presence: her photos capture glittering natural light, paired with the soft tones of neutral fabrics, yarns and ceramics. The visual story suggests a life full of creativity, inspiration and peacefulness. An architect and ceramicist, over