#SloeNewsDay 06.25.21

New magazines, books and blogs, tips for streamlining your stitches (and your design process), and a more sustainable July await!

Sloe New Day 06 . 10 . 21

Every week Sloe gathers the best articles on handmade fashion and sustainable style. You can get #SloeNewsDay delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter. Here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week.

Featured Maker: Liam Hartle

Liam Hartle is magic. He’s a writer, designer, and knitting/crochet instructor. His experiences as a trans man in the maker community greatly influence and inform his work. He’s written about some of these experiences and the importance of visibility in the craft community for Ysolda.

Slow Made June Events

Summer is here and we've gathered a few MAL's you might want to get in on. No pressure though, many of these virtual events extend beyond the month of June. 01June2021#MeMadeGayA MAL and set of daily prompts organized by Instagram user @naashta.makes as a way to