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Hannah Thiessen Howard
Julie Robinson

About the Team

Hannah Thiessen is the author of two books: Slow Knitting and Seasonal Slow Knitting, both exploring the relationship we have to our most beloved crafts, and the lifestyle that surrounds them. Her work focuses on elevating and celebrating regional wool growers, manufacturers, dyers, designers and creatives, with values rooted in sustainability. Professionally, Hannah has worked with dozens of the knitting industry’s most successful and beloved brands, doing a range of work from marketing and product development, to creative direction and business strategy. She most looks forward to the opportunity Sloe News offers her to uplift and celebrate the many creative voices contributing to the beautiful world of textile arts.

Julie Robinson is a fashion designer, educator, and textile artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work focuses on using sustainable materials and bringing trend forward design to the hand knitting world. Julie uses her decade of fashion industry experience to teach crafters about grading garments in A Masterclass on Grading. Her designs have hung on the racks of some of your favorite stores and been published in well-known craft magazines. Julie is excited to use Sloe News to shine a light on new voices in the world of making and expand the way we think about sustainable clothing.