Sloe News Day 10 . 08 . 21

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I once wrote in Seasonal Slow Knitting that Fall is the beginning of knitting season–but it’s also the start of crafting season, in many ways, because we’re finding more time indoors than out as the weather changes. While in Tennessee it’s still bright, sunny, and temperatures are sitting well over 65F, I’m hearing from friends in other areas about first frosts and chilly evenings. This year, slow wardrobing is at the forefront of my mind, and I’m not just thinking about what to make, but also how my wearing of it may have changed. Two years into the “new normal” I think we’re all leaning into loungewear a little more, but I also find myself more excited than usual to dress up on the occasion that I am going somewhere. Lately, I’ve also been ruminating on the idea of dressing exclusively for the female gaze and removing the world flattering from my vocabulary, thanks in part to subreddits like r/oldhagfashion and the relentless work of so many intelligent, fantastic women of color and weight. Can it be possible to love fashion for the sake of fashion again, and how can I reconcile this with the need for clothing?

Did you notice the Instagram and Facebook outage early this week? Businesses all over the globe were certainly paying attention, and that’s why today’s Business post is all about diversifying your approach to connecting with your customers. I was also inspired by Summer Lee Knits’ recent post to do a little roundup of scrappy patterns–perfect for using up those Advent Calendar mini-skeins you’ve probably been hoarding since last year. These types of roundups are going to take the place of our new designs posts for a little bit, and who knows, maybe you’ll see some of your favorite designers, crafters, and other Sloe readers sharing their own roundups in the near future. (Want to participate? Hit that Submissions button.)


Hannah, Sloe Co-Founder


  • The Crochet Project’s recent post about hook angle and stitch height has us looking at our hands again. [Instagram]
  • Long Live Vittoria, a group in Italy, organized a beautiful craftivist event to raise awareness of domestic violence and raise money for Telefono Donna and Svs Donna [Twitter]
  • Thinking of diving into test knitting this fall? The Skeiniac blog has two series: Tester Tips and Tester Tuesdays that may be helpful. [The Skeiniac]
  • This Saturday is the Creative Makers Style Summit, a free event focused on handmade wardrobing [Eventbrite]
  • Some great suggestions for men’s fashion brands that will repair your purchases so you can replace them less often. [A Continuous Lean
  • Vogue reviews sustainable fashion writer Aja Barber’s new book, Consumed. [Vogue]
  • A CBC investigation found dangerous levels of heavy metals and toxic chemicals found in children’s clothing [CBC]
  • If you’re wondering “how is that legal?” Alden Wicker has an explanation. [Eco Cult]
  • New recycling technologies from Chinese manufacturers are offering the possibility of a more sustainable fashion future. [South China Morning Post

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