Scrappy Little Things

Long live bits and pieces! Whether you’re an avid buyer of “advent calendar” yarn collections, a quilter who just can’t throw away the last little bit of a precious fabric, or you’re trying to pursue a no-waste lifestyle, it’s likely you have a few leftovers in some form floating through your craft room. Today, in lieu of a new release roundup, I’ve pulled together some projects perfect for using them up. Here you go–the perfect patterns for scraps, mini-skeins and leftovers!


  1. Sea Glass Tee by Wool & Pine
  2. SingulariTee by Swanky Emu Knits
  3. Lucky Pieces by Inyoung Kim
  4. Odds and Ends Cardigan by Tina Tse Knits
  5. Smarled by Tif Neilan


  1. Stripy Mitts by Sandra Paul (great for random buttons, too!)
  2. Exotic Burst Cowl by Dolly Laishram
  3. Scrappy Square Mittens by Antonio Dore
  4. Waste Not Want Not by Dora Does
  5. Just Feel Festive by Caleisha Ryan


  1. XO Quilt Pattern from Spruce Crafts
  2. Postage Stamps from Red Pepper Quilts
  3. Clay by Carolyn Friedlander
  4. Plenty of Thyme from Tales of the Cloth
  5. Reserve Garden by Anna Maria Horner

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