Sloe News Day 10 . 01 . 21

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Here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week.

Welcome to spooky season, friends! 

No tricks here, but there is a super nerdy treat for those of you who care about garment sizing.

This week on Sloe, Hannah is sharing 8 tips on how to streamline your creative workflow with our Business subscribers. There are some really great suggestions no matter how long you’ve been running your business. and I’m already thinking about which ones I’m going to incorporate into mine.

And the treat: I went a little long talking about vanity sizing and how size standards have/haven’t changed in the last 150+ years of existence. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this topic in the future. There’s just so much to discuss and think about!

Have our bodies really changed that much in the last century? Who gets to decide what’s standard anyway? Were off the rack clothes ever good?

This would usually be an article we publish for our Premium and Business subscribers, but it’s important to me that as many people as possible are able to see this and join in the discussion, so it’s available to everyone. I’d really appreciate it if you would help share it, and voice your thoughts in the Discord.If you didn’t know, I teach pattern grading to hand knitters and tech editors with A Masterclass on Grading. Sharing knowledge about sizing garments is a topic I’m extremely passionate about. We’re opening up enrollment later this month, so if you’re interested in learning how to do this yourself, sign up for the email list.

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  • Textile Cloth and Culture is collecting submissions for their special issue on Unravelling Issues in Contemporary Knitting [Textile Cloth and Culture]
  • What New Greenwashing Guidelines Could Mean for Fashion Brands [Independent]
  • Great news for garment workers out of California this week, SB62 passed! Take a look back at some of the groups that made it a reality and what is in the bill [Fashionista]
  • In a similar vein, it’s not a problem that people make clothes, the issue is how they are treated. Wired covered a few start-ups who would like to replace workers with robots. Somehow their vision of the future seems more bleak than what we have now [Wired]
  • Not Your Average Mai invites guest Sheng Lo to speak about Hmong clothes and some of the controversies surrounding it [Not Your Average Mai]
  • Sydney Crabaugh, aka SquidneyKnits just opened Squid’s School of Vintage Knitting! If you’ve ever thought vintage patterns weren’t for you, Sydney will help set you straight [Patreon]

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