Sloe News Day 09 . 10 . 21

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Here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week.

We’re gearing up for the next Sloe Down Low Down on 10/23, mark your calendars! I can’t wait to share our guest with you.

It’s been one of those fast-slow weeks for me: so much to do, and yet it feels like nothing happened? It’s not the kind of busyness I prefer, but it means things are brewing behind the scenes, which is exciting.

Fashion week just kicked off here in NYC on Wednesday. They’re showing spring/summer 2022. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really soak in the runways yet, but reactions seem to be mixed. Fashion and trends are about reading the present and using it to guess what people will be interested in in the future. When your present is so tense and your future is so uncertain, how do you even begin to parse that? 

In my opinion, there has never been a better time to dive into secondhand and vintage shopping. Luckily it’s #SecondHandSeptember and we just published a piece about how to find exactly what you want when shopping in-person or online. The link to No Kill Magazine in our roundup makes a great companion piece, by the way.

How do you work vintage and secondhand clothes into your wardrobe? Let us know in the Discord, and drop some pics of your favorite finds!

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  • 5 ways to clean out your closet [No Kill Magazine]
  • Natalie Warner is back with a series called Knitwear Design 101. This post on fabrication is a must read [Natalie in Stitches]
  • How Buffalo Exchange Became a National Thrift Store Chain [Business Insider]
  • You can buy stuff online, getting it is another story [Vox]
  • Inspiration vs. Duplication: Capturing Trends Without Crossing The Line. Hosted by The Fashion Group International of Saint Louis [Eventbrite]
  • Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette shared this great preview from her forthcoming book, Ahead of the Curve. Have you pre-ordered your copy? [Instagram]

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