Sloe News Day 08 . 27 . 21

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It’s hard to believe we’re so close to the end of August.

My CSA just gave us the first pears of the season, which seems like an aggressive reminder (if you think fruit is capable of aggression) that summer is nearing its end. 

My main craft is knitting, so cooler weather is always appreciated. And we all know fall is the time to really start dressin’. What are you most looking forward to getting out of storage? Do you have any new projects planned yet? I have a sweater quantity of Hinterland’s Range stashed and I’m using it as a carrot to inspire me to finish up a few other projects on my plate. If not, we got you covered!

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  • The Cotton Tote Crisis [NYT]
  • As a companion to the article above, here’s an excellent piece by Zoe Schlanger from 2019 [Quartz]
  • What Role Will Our Clothes Play in Adapting to a Warming Planet? [Fashionista]
  • When a Hobby Becomes a Job [Vox]
  • Is the Bangladesh Accord the right model for legal accountability? Manufactured Podcast says No. [Instagram]
  • Climate-conscious individual choices are good – but not nearly enough to save the planet. More than personal virtue, we need collective action [The Guardian]
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes takes on a whole new meaning when applied to NFT fashion. [Financial Times]

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