Sloe News Day 08 . 20 . 2021

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Here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week.

Today’s headlines were heartwrenching. From the tragedy taking place in Afghanistan and the way fast fashion continues to fully ignore the growing climate crisis, after researching how to help, I definitely need extra studio time to retreat from the world and process my reactions through knitting, sewing or painting. I did find some recent happiness in the short documentary series Disney and James Cameron produced about whales, and now my crafting time also includes daydreaming about whale watching tours in Dominica. 

This week’s links are exciting, and introspective: looking forward, looking back. Figuring out what’s coming up next–new yarns, patterns, and more inclusion, accessibility and sustainability–but also evaluating what’s come before. Question everything: celebrated brands are having their claims challenged, and there’s more greenwashing than ever before (even when fabrics are recycled). Now is the best time to become a more informed consumer.

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Hannah, Co-Founder of Sloe


  • Moorit Magazine has started sharing sneak peeks of their first issue. [Moorit Magazine]
  • Botanica Yarn Fest vendor and presenter applications close September 1 [Botanica Yarn Fest]
  • Important points from Fat Test Knits about accommodating test knitters properly [Instagram]
  • The UK Craft Council released its Report on Racism in Craft last month [UK Craft Council]
  • Where does “zero waste” lie on the sustainability spectrum? [Refinery29]
  • Allbirds is facing a lawsuit over sustainability claims in its ads [The Fashion Law]
  • From Flour Sacks to Fashion: 10 Brands Transforming Textile Waste [No Kill Magazine]

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