Sloe News Day 08 . 13 . 2021

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Here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week.

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  • The Bangladesh Accord expires at the end of the month, and sustainable fashion and human rights activists are already trying to figure out what comes next. [Vogue Business]
  • The hot pink from Hopi Red Dye Amaranth is unlike any we’ve seen so far. Luckily the dyer is willing to share the details! [Knitty Vet]
  • Are you falling prey to “sweater hustle culture” with your knitting projects? Maybe it’s time for a reset. Join the discussion started by designer Jen Parroccini on [Instagram].
  • To quote journalist Aldan Wicker “The solution is not to find the ‘right’ place to donate your old clothes. It’s to buy fewer things. The end.” [ABC Australia]

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