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Here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week.

Time for new growth!

We’re kicking off July with some exciting developments here at Sloe! Hannah and I have been working hard during this soft launch period to get a better idea of what Sloe is, how it functions behind the scenes, and get feedback from you about the content you’ve enjoyed and want to see more of. 

Here’s where we’ve landed: 

 Our primary goal with Sloe has always been to give you a full and rewarding reading experience–but we found we were overextending ourselves in some ways, and underdelivered in others. After reviewing the articles we’ve published so far, we decided that short form blogs aren’t really our style. We see Sloe as a source to keep you up to date with news from your favorite brands and makers, and as a place for longer reflections on craft culture and trends in the world of handmade slow fashion. 

What does that mean for you? 

We’ll be changing our posting schedule beginning in July. You will still get a #SloeNewsDay email each week with a link roundup. But instead of 3+ shorter pieces, you’ll get a single, longer piece to dig into. And beginning in August, you will see work from our roster of talented contributors! The Discord server will remain open, but we are pausing the weekly LowDowns until after our official launch. We’ll be back with our new format in August.

How you can help:

We’ve been blown away by the number of readers asking when they can support Sloe with a paid subscription. It warms our hearts to hear you believe in what we’re doing. Paid subscriptions will be coming in mid-July. We’ll send out a dedicated email outlining each tier, what is included, and a special offer for early subscribers. If a paid subscription is not in your budget right now, no worries–our #SloeNewsDay emails will always be free.

Your subscriptions directly fund the writing you see on Sloe. Throughout the month of July, we’ll be putting our own writing on hold (no new articles for a little bit) and focusing on reaching out to our first round of contributors. Hannah and I are both creative industry veterans, which is to say we know what it’s like to be overworked and underpaid. It was important to us to know we would be able to compensate our contributors before we asked them for labor. For this first round we’re offering writers $300 per article. As our subscription base grows, we will be able to increase that amount.

Some of you have asked to advertise with Sloe. We’re extremely flattered! But we do not have plans to take on advertisers at this time. We want to maintain our editorial independence and for us, that means relying on our readers for support. 

To recap: 

Subscriptions are rolling out mid-July! At the end of the month we will begin publishing fewer, higher quality written pieces from a range of contributors. We are relying on subscriptions, not ads, to fund this work. So we need your help to grow Sloe! We’ll be in touch soon with all the details–and a special offer for you early birds! 

Hannah and I couldn’t be more psyched to have you on this journey with us! As always, feel free to reach us by email or on the Discord server. Here’s to new beginnings and building a bright future for Sloe.

-Julie Robinson, Sloe co-founder


  • The Higgs Material Sustainability Index is supposed to help measure the sustainability of a fiber. But somehow polyester is being rated better than wool. [The Guardian]
  • Unpacking The Nap Dress. Anne Helen Peterson mediates on the cultural implications Laura Ashley and post-pandemic mommy-and-me fashion [Substack]
  • Dirt, a charity founded by Arizona Muse, is encouraging fashion companies to expand how they approach sustainability and to “pay reparations to the earth” [Vogue Business]
  • 3 Up and Coming Designers Who Could Shape The Future of Sustainability [Fashionista]
  • The Young Designers Elevating Upcycled Fashion [i-D]

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