The Dark Side of Quilting

Bright, heavily saturated quilting fabrics have been the hallmark of modern quilting for over a decade–but neturals are having a moment in the sun as quilters turn towards making bedspreads, throws and blankets that more seamlessly slide into their home decor. With the popularity of moody interiors and palettes, it’s no wonder that many quilters are turning towards blacks, deep navy and dark gray to create quilts that have a luminous, romantic feel. Here are a few of my favorite examples of ‘Quiltspiration’ that have me loading my sewing machine with dark thread this summer!

  1. Eighth Generation Coast Salish woven blanket
  2. Color Collective Galactic Quilt
  3. Me Mother Goose Quilt variation by @djvolkman
  4. Dot + Dash Halloween variation by Modern Handcraft
  5. Folk Fibers Quilt
  6. This Homespun Quilt variation by @aristotleface
  7. Knitted Star Quilt 
  8. Sparrows Quilt by Pen & Paper Patterns
  9. Starry Log Cabin Quilt
  10. String and Story Quilt
  11. Vintage quilt 
  12. Coffin Quilts by Barbara Todd
  13. Farm & Folk Night Sky Quilt
  14. Beluga by Material Girl Quilts
  15. Big Bend Sky Quilt by Campfire Quilts
  16. Arlo by Carolyn Friedlander

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