Get the Look: Quilted Jackets

There’s something classic about a quilted jacket. As field coats, cheery-colored puffers, barn jackets or, full-length dusters–quilted materials are having a comeback in mainstream fashion. As crafters, we know that quilts themselves are timeless, but incorporating vintage or thrifted ones into new garments has become a hot trend we can’t wait to try. There are great options for almost any climate. Look for pieces with lighter batting for a transitional or 3-season piece to wear spring through fall. Or pick up something a little thicker for a bold fall/winter look. 

Dive into ditzy prints and calicos for a sweet, classic take on the trend. Pair a hip-length jacket with a bold stripe fabric you can accent with stitching. Go for monochrome fabrics with measured or detailed topstitching for something more sleek and contemporary. The closures we’re seeing are equally varied. Toggles, ties, buttons or a large sash match up with a variety of lengths, from cropped to duster–there really is something for everyone.

Going the full DIY route? Finding a great fabric to work with is easier than you think! If you have a sewing machine, create your own quilted fabric from yardage, batting and lining. Quilt the fabric before you begin and work with it as a whole-cloth textile. Stitch over it with orderly machine lines, hand-applied running stitches or soft kantha-style lines. Free Motion quilting can be used to follow the design on your fabric, or to create a new texture of textile to suit your style (you may want to practice first). 

If you’re looking for a little extra help with your first project, here are a few patterns that have guidebooks or classes to accompany them: 

Let’s Sew a Quilted Jacket Class / Uses the Thayer Jacket Pattern [Seamwork]

All Well Cardigan Coat Sewing Pattern + Hacking Guide [All Well Workshop]

Beachcomber Quilted Pattern + Video Guide [Laundry Basket Quilting]

If quilting your own fabric isn’t for you, try upcycling a vintage quilt, or purchase pre-quilted fabrics. Look to Merchant & Mills or your larger fabric stores for plenty of options in wearable solid colors. Go super luxe with textured fabrics like this Nani Iro double gauze and corduroy with their signature hand-painted prints. If you’re looking for a bit of whimsy, don’t overlook the children’s blanket section at big box shops!

It’s easy to find a pattern to work off of–almost any outerwear pattern from your favorite designers or companies will do the trick. Just be mindful that quilted fabrics can be bulky. Look for shapes with more generous armholes and plenty of ease in the body. Here are a few indie patterns on our shortlist. 

  1. All Well Cardigan Coat (32-62” / 81-157 cm in 6 sizes) [All Well Workshop]
  2. Pekka Jacket (Two Size Ranges from 31-54” / 81-139 cm in 15 sizes) [Ready to Sew]
  3. Ayora Jacket (31.5-47.25” / 80-120 cm in 10 sizes) [Pauline Alice]
  4. Beachcomber Jacket (Any Size) [Laundry Basket Quilts]
  5. Thayer Jacket (Two Size Ranges: A / B from 32-56” / 81-142 cm in 13 sizes) [Grainline Studio]
  6. Loren Jacket (30-58” / 77-148 cm in 14 sizes) [Style Arc]
  7. Easton Jacket (32-54” / 81-137 cm in 15 sizes) [Seamwork]
  8. Jesse Vest (30-52” / 24-46 cm in 6 sizes) [Seamwork]
  9. Sidney Sweatshirt (Two Size Ranges: A / B from 57-68.5” / 146-174 cm in 7 sizes) [Merchant & Mills]Juno Jacket (29-46.5” / 76-118 cm in 8 sizes) [Paper Cut Patterns]

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