Featured Maker: James Watts

James Watts is a creative polymath. The Florida based artist is a knitwear designer and classical musician. He plays violin, piano, and recorder, speaks Chinese, and he’s extremely flexible; often posing for photos in a full split or impressive leg hold. James’ internet presence radiates positivity. Their library of self published knitting designs features easy to wear pieces like the Mystic Square tee, and playful colorblocked designs like the Color Quadrant Cap and Top.

The Houston native has an instantly recognizable personal style. “My personal style would best be described as eclectic,” says Watts “most of my clothes are either #MeMade or thrifted.” We particularly love his taste in colorful pants. 

Above all, we admire James for being unapologetically himself and inspiring others in the online fiber community to do the same. In a recent Instagram post Watts reflected on his desire to collect artworks of himself, saying “Sometimes that aspiration feels way too vain and self obsessed, but then I am reminded of the fact that I and people who look like me are constantly considered/portrayed as repulsive/undesirable/shameful/ugly. It’s a cruel reality that fills me with the fire to be as obsessed with myself, vain, and in love with myself in the way I look to as annoying a degree as possible! I am not looking for your reassurances, or affirmations of my beauty, I wouldn’t have the attitude I have today if I relied on compliments or confidence boosts from others.” To that we say “Amen!” and look forward to more beauty tips and fun patterns in the future.