Featured Maker: Liam Hartle

Liam Hartle is magic. He’s a writer, designer, and knitting/crochet instructor. His experiences as a trans man in the maker community greatly influence and inform his work. He’s written about some of these experiences and the importance of visibility in the craft community for Ysolda. Liam also draws from these experiences to inform his design practice.

Saying you’re concerned with inclusion and diversity is in vogue at the moment, and repeating it can sound trite, but Liam is the real deal. After being disappointed in the sizing options and information available to him and other trans and non-binary knitters he decided to join A Masterclass on Grading to explore how to make things better. Liam says of his work “I believe that knitting is not just a way to bring beauty into the world but is a way to learn more about oneself, impact the way you perceive the world, and create magic by working towards a better future.” And his output exemplifies that. Whether he’s supporting students one-on-one in a class, devising simple ways to make more people feel welcome and included in online creative communities, or sharing tips with fellow designers on making their patterns more accessible, Liam is dedicated to supporting others and making space for everyone in the knitting and crochet community.

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