Featured Maker: Vivian Shao Chen

There’s a certain dreamy, glowing feeling to Vivian Shao Chen’s digital presence:

her photos capture glittering natural light, paired with the soft tones of neutral fabrics, yarns and ceramics. The visual story suggests a life full of creativity, inspiration and peacefulness. An architect and ceramicist, over the past few years Vivian began to branch into making her own clothing (knitted and sewn). Her thoughtfully written captions documenting each step in the process has made her both aspirational and inspirational for many. Reading Vivian’s thoughts on her relationship to material and process feels fresh and centering. You’ll be eager to clear out some space, open a window, and start something new. 

In the last year, Vivian partnered with By Hand Serial to release her first sewing pattern (the Terra Dress, in sizes XS-3X). She is currently developing patterns based on her past work and intends to release new designs in the future. Her designs are dreamy and romantic, but still practical for everyday wear. She’s a maker to watch, a creator on the rise, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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