Featured Maker: Sonya Philip

Shiny silver scissors and a tomato pincushion on top of blue graph fabric

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Do you know where your clothes come from, and do you know how much work goes into them? For many makers reading this, the answer is a resounding yes, especially within the framework of Me Made May. Although it’s easy for many of us who make our own clothes to trace the origin of each piece back to our own sewing machines, this is the question that drove Sonya Philip, one our favorite artists and this week’s Featured Makers, to begin her 100 Acts of Sewing project. 

The original artist statement surrounding Sonya’s initial quest to sew 100 items of clothing is worth the read. Within these paragraphs, Sonya talks about the complicated relationship humans have to clothing and fashion. She discusses how fast fashion creates damage all along the chain, and choosing to make our own clothing is one way for us to become better world citizens. Through her work, Sonya has managed to ignite a new group of sewists, finding themselves at the machine armed with her simple patterns and encouraging words, ready to discover how rewarding and empowering home sewing can become. 

There is so much to explore with Sonya’s work, but perhaps the most important element to everything she writes is the accessibility and approachability of it all. The patterns are simple–ideal for someone who has not used a machine for years, or never at all. The garments are generously shaped, making them fit effortlessly across the ample size range Sonya offers (XS-5X). Above all, her pieces are about the process, and the simple, but beautiful, act of sewing.