Featured Maker: Bookhou

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Our featured maker this week is Arounna Khounnoraj. It’s possible you don’t need an introduction if you’re already familiar with her work: either by following her Instagram, reading the Bookhou newsletter, or through owning one of Arounna’s two books: Punch Needle or Visible Mending.

It’s not often in this fast paced, highly visual world of craft that we’re encouraged to experiment–or to believe that experimentation could be the key to our eventual success. All too often as crafters we’re told to streamline our efforts or talent into a single goal, media or technique. Mastery comes with dedication. Arounna’s crafting practice could not be a more convincing counter argument. Each day on Bookhou is filled with experimentation and exploration, into techniques new and old, styles modern and ancient. Patchwork, punch needle, embroidery, garment-making (through all variety of conventional and unconventional means), mending, painting, printing and playing–Bookhou offers it all.

If you’ve been feeling a bit dry on inspiration, simply spend some time scrolling through the Instagram feed or website, pick up one of Arounna’s books at your local shop or library, and read her blog. We guarantee you’ll start digging in the craft closet to see what you’ve forgotten to try!